Health insurance

Health insurance: One of the main reasons for you to buy a health insurance policy is the high cost of getting the necessary medical care. Simple counseling these days leads to more bills, not to talk about hospital bills that you have to pay as a result of serious injuries that limit you to a hospital bed for days, weeks, or months . Hospital bills can range from 5 to 6 digits, and without health insurance, you can eliminate all expenses for which you are in a serious health condition in the week. The financial burden of increasing the cost of health insurance policies is nothing compared to the cost of medical care without health insurance.

And when they have to process your claim, there is only one thing on their mind, and it is done at the cheapest price. Your interest is not his main concern, he has his own interest. There are two main areas in the insurance industry and one takes as much money as possible for you and two is as much as possible. After over a hundred years at work, he devised some very creative ways to do it. One way for insurance companies to save money is to use AM aftermarket parts, and when an accident occurs,

most insurance companies use these parts in repairs without telling you, because in most states, they have to Write this in the repair estimate and you as the customer. One needs to find it in the paper set and read it and ask questions. There is an organization called funded by the insurance sector to certify parts of Taiwan,

even if your car did not come with parts of Taiwan. At the end of this article, there is a link to the parts manufacturers that insurers use as replacement parts in your car, as you can see most manufacturers in Taiwan. Some insurance companies only have a policy option to use OEM parts, but do not tell anyone about the option and to tell the consumer that they can never offer this option, even if they do not offer this option Can buy, use as an excuse to use in AM parts. In my opinion, an option for the consumer to use OEM parts at the time of policy development should be introduced verbally by law, and the consumer should have time to choose 100% of their vehicle. Make a claim with your insurance company.

When submitting a claim, you must ensure that you have “on the spot” information, where the claims representative will request this information. If you feel that you do not want to file a claim, because the damage may be less than your opponent or that an accident can raise your prices more than the cost of repair, then you need to do the math at this point. Many times, your insurance company may raise your rates and / or cancel your policy. You need to know that when you have extensive collision coverage, your opponent will be forgiven if you are less than 50% at fault, as well as all discounts related to when a standard collision occurs.

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