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Mexican police and the Mexican court system do not recognize US or Canadian auto insurance. At the very least, you should get a Mexican car insurance policy so that the third party can be paid for the loss.

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If you do not have liability insurance payable by a Mexican insurance company, you may face a real nightmare when you are involved in a traffic accident. If you are in a traffic accident in Mexico and cannot prove that you can pay for third party damages through a Mexican insurance policy, there is a good chance that your car is then booked and in custody Will be kept until you come up with money to pay the loss.

All this trouble can be avoided if you have a Mexican liability insurance policy that explains your ability to pay damages. So, you should always buy a Mexican insurance policy before moving to Mexico. If your RV is registered in the United States, you can seriously consider obtaining your RV insurance through an American RV insurance company that expands physical and theft coverage in Mexico.

. At the time of writing, these companies included Progressive, National Interstate and AIG. If you go with one of these American airlines, you will only need to purchase a Mexican liability insurance policy instead of a full Mexican coverage insurance policy. Because these American carriers will pay for the damage you do while in Mexico, this will reduce the need for you to purchase any type of physical damage and cover theft through a Mexican insurance company.

A Mexican liability policy only is much cheaper than a Mexican insurance policy that covers material damage and theft coverage. If all this information revolves around looking at you with questions, you can always contact a Mexican insurance broker and have our customer service staff answer your questions. If the seller has a website, make sure they have a valid insurance license that is listed on their website and should have links to their Better Business Office data.

Unfortunately, there are some vendors who are more professional than others. You have seized your car and put in all your equipment, now is the time to buy Mexican tourist car insurance. The decision to cover Mexican auto insurance may be the most important decision for you, but unfortunately, it is often one of the fastest and least searched decisions made by many Mexican travelers. Make no mistake in assuming that all Mexican insurance is the same, as differences in insurance coverage and benefits can vary greatly among insurance companies in Mexico. Although the search for insurance coverage is not very exciting for most people, but this article will show you

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